Megan Snelten

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

Web Design / 2018

The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art fosters the creative explorations of artists and audiences. PICA’s website serves as a tool for patrons to discover events & exhibitions, but most importantly to archive all happenings in the history of PICA.

This robust site not only needed fresh visuals to reflect the eccentric energy of their community, but a content structure that was seamless for both site visitors and content managers.

Working closely with our UI/UX designer & developer at Fuzzco, we created a site full of vibrant colors, editorial typography, playful interactions and an intuitive structure.

The type system is full of personality & diverse points of view. The sans-serif is used for important information and PICA’s point of view, while the serif is commonly used for more expressive moments from the artist’s or exhibitor’s perspective.

Created at Fuzzco

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